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School Games Organiser

School Games - What is it (Primary)

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School Games Offer 2022/23


My name is Miss S Howells and I am the School Games Organiser (SGO) based at The Priory Pembroke Academy. My role, which is funded through the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England, aims to develop participation and competition in schools through sport, with a focus on inclusion and ensuring equal opportunities. We aim to promote healthier and happier children through the use of physical activity. I am based within the PE department at Priory Pembroke and I work with 53 educational settings, (Primary, Secondary, Special Independent Schools and Colleges) within the School Sports Partnership across Lincoln & Gainsborough. To find out more, or to keep update, please visit Your School Games -


School Sports Partnership (SSP)

The SSP has been named to The Lincoln & Gainsborough SSP. It serves over 50 schools across Lincoln, Gainsborough and the surrounding area. Every school can participate in the FREE School Games programme by contacting their SGO or signing their school up to 


Competitions, Festivals and Personal Challenges

Across the year I will organise and host a range of events, festivals and competitions for all ages at primary and secondary settings. Schools can enter these events by contacting myself, Miss S Howells The events will each have a different intent and a different target audience, to promote sport for all, and lifelong participation. Some may have a focus on engaging girls, some may be supporting low self-esteem or those children from low SEG backgrounds. Furthermore, PE departments are both welcomed and encouraged to also enter the usual league competitions, events and tournaments.


Sports Leaders @ Pembroke

Each year a group of students will have the opportunity to become sports leadership at Pembroke Academy taking part in sports leadership opportunities both on and off site. The programme is designed to use sport and physical activity to help students develop and improve their leadership skills whilst helping themselves and others stay physically active. Sports leadership will improve vital skills and employability prospects of young people and it will help them flourish in education and future employment. We look forward to welcoming a new intake of sports leaders this academic year. Students will have the opportunity to plan and deliver activities individually or in small groups whilst also supporting in officiating roles at sports events for primary school pupils.


Cluster Meetings (Primary)

Sports and P.E cluster meetings are available with your SGO, please contact to book onto one of the meetings taking place each term.


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