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Challenges and Competitions

Below are a series of local and national competitions you can enter, as well as challenges and activities you can attempt at home with your family.  Please share any photos or videos of these with us.

School Games Leadership Booklet

this will be a project that will run throughout the summer break. You don’t all have to do it, but there are prizes for having a go, and it provides excellent leadership opportunities for students.  Click the image below for full details.


Wednesday 24th June is National Writing Day.  Every year Priory Pembroke and the Priory Federation contribute to the Writing Challenge. This year the question is "What are you grateful for?" Thinking about the current difficulties in the world, and any reading or watching you have been doing to boost your empathy recently, "what are you grateful for?"  Have a go at some free writing for approximately 30-45 minutes to tell us what you are grateful for - or what unjust situations you are glad you are not in.  Please email your completed writing to the following: and to your English teacher as well.  Parents and siblings can also have a go!  The best writing will be collated together by the Priory Trust.


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