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Year 9

Intent: Inspire students to explore how they make decisions

  • Concentration on the development of self-preparation and self-confidence

  • Working with others and understanding one's own aptitudes

  • Using the STEPS booklets to develop career and opportunity awareness through written exercises

  • Making use of opportunities to learn and to participate - through the pastoral programme and the use of student self organisation tools

  • PSHRE lessons - Option Choices for GCSE and BTEC Level 2

  • Options Convention - Careers Leader has an information table to deliver advise and information for progression to KS4/5 and FE as well as apprenticeships and forces employment

  • START programme

  • One drop down careers lesson per module

  • STEM employer day

Noncompulsory options for all students

  • Use of Careers Zone during school hours

  • Making an appointment with the Careers Leader

Further information about all of the above activities can be obtained by pupils, parents, teacher and employers by contacting the Careers and Future you co-ordinator, Miss Hannah Romain on: 01522 751040 or via email