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Year 8

Welcome back to school! We are pleased to see all students back in school for the new academic year.  We understand that there will be circumstances when you may need to self-isolate for a short period of time, and so home learning will be available throughout this module. Tasks will be made available to students through SharepointBBC Bitesize Daily and Oak National Academy will continue to make online learning opportunities available to all students to supplement the work set by your teachers. 

You will need to plan your time carefully to make sure you are able to complete the work set.  Please complete the task set by the subjects you have on your timetable each day; so if you have Maths, History, Science, Art and Music on Monday, they would be the focus of your work for that day.  We also recommend that you read every day; a comic, a magazine, a chapter or a full book!  

Please remember to share your home learning with your teachers. You should continue to demonstrate an excellent attitude to your learning through any period of self-isolation or local lockdown, by attempting all tasks to a good standard.  If you have completed work please email it to your subject teacher using your school email account. A list of staff emails can be found in the Student Support area of Sharepoint.  If it is not possible to email or you have completed tasks in your exercise book, please show your teacher when you are able to return to school.  

‘Home Learning Help’ Discussion boards can be found in each subject area of Sharepoint.  This will allow you to ask your subject teachers and classmates for help with any of the home learning tasks you have been set.  The SMSC folder also contains a discussion board for each form group.  This will allow you to keep in touch with each other.  A guide to using the discussion boards can be found in the Student Support page on Sharepoint.