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Year 8

 As this week is half term, we will not be setting any new home learning activities and instead encourage you to do something new.    The links below will provide ideas including arts and crafts, farming, debating and university masterclasses.  Don't forget to check out the Challenges and Competitions and Online Learning pages for even more ideas. You can email photos and videos to your form tutor or Head of Year and with your permission, we will share these on the Pembroke social media pages. 

Brilliant Club

At The Brilliant Club, we believe everyone should have the chance to go to university. Our resources are created by academic experts to introduce you to university, to university style-learning and some of the academic subjects that you could study at university.

Votes for Schools

Each week we create resources for young people to debate and discuss a topical issue. At the end of the debate, they vote and leave comments; we then share these views with those who need to know. Raising the profile and impact of pupil voice, we are the go-to place to learn about what young people think. You can debate the issues with your form using the new discussion areas in the SMSC area of Sharepoint.

Art Club  

There is no right or wrong answer with our activities and we encourage students to discover how simple materials from around the home, such as a fork, tinfoil, papers or some coffee, and much more can be used to create amazing artworks. 

Bite Back 2030

‘Cook With Jack’ was created to help families create affordable, tasty and healthy ‘home-school lunches’ so kids learn valuable cooking skills and have fun along the way.

Faith at Home

Join the weekly collective worship sessions, led by Church of England’s schools and in partnership with those of other faith traditions. Suitable for those of all faiths and none.

Jamie's Farm

At Jamie’s Farm, we help young people to live happy and healthy lives when they stay and work alongside us. On the back of this experience, they learn how positive and capable they can be; lessons they take with them to their lives back at home.


As Scouts, we give almost half a million young people - of all genders, races and backgrounds - the skills they need for life. We help them speak up, play their part and find their place in the world. By helping more young people gain these skills, we’re inspiring generations, building stronger communities and contributing to a stronger society.