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Year 11

As we begin to consider the next steps in your education and training, especially in these unusual circumstances, we need to focus on the positives and see this as a good opportunity to prepare for your chosen course or career.  Take control of your time and your future:

  • Use the website of your chosen college or Sixth Form to find out about the courses you have applied for.  Look for reading lists or work that you can complete to get ready for the next stage of your journey in September. 
  • Access free online employability courses, links in the document attached, that you could add  to your CV under 'Courses completed during CV Lockdown' and really impress future employers.  These courses will
    • Boost your employability and give you great updates for your CV.
    • Help you improve your study skills in time for college.
    • Support students applying for an apprenticeship for this September.
  • Use the help and advice available on the Careers Sharepoint page, the Careers area of the Pembroke website, or email if you cannot find the answer to your question there.