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Year 10

This is the last week of module 6! Well done on successfully navigating an unusual school year.  Many of you have accessed face-to-face learning in school, as well as managing your studies at home.  Home learning now reflects the learning that takes place within school, using recorded lessons to allow those who cannot join us in school to experience the same provision.  Links to all resources and videos will be made available via subject sharepoint pages (hyperlinked below).  We will also continue to set other home learning throughout this module. Please remember to check the Home Learning area of the website and the subject pages on Sharepoint for tasks and challenges, and ensure you have completed all the work from the previous home learning packs.

Please remember to share your home learning with your teachers. You should continue to demonstrate an excellent attitude to your learning by attempting all tasks to a good standard.  If you have completed work please email it to your subject teacher using your school email. A list of staff emails can be found in the Student Support area of Sharepoint.  If it is not possible to email, please keep your work together ready to show staff when you are able to return to school, and let us know what you have done during the weekly phone call.  We look forward to seeing your work, and have restarted the subject and house points to recognise the great work we are seeing and hearing about.

New for module 6, each subject page now has a discussion board called ‘Home Learning Help’.  This area will allow you to ask your subject teachers and classmates for help with any of the home learning tasks you have been set.  The SMSC folder also contains a discussion board for each form group.  This will allow you to keep in touch with each other.  A guide to using the discussion boards can be found in the Student Support page on Sharepoint

Additional Learning resource links are available in the Home Learning section of the website, including and which both provide video lessons and online resources which are freely available.  Challenges and interesting opportunities will regularly be posted on the Pembroke Academy Facebook and Twitter pages.  These include art and technology challenges, links to virtual tours of museums and zoos, workouts, online learning programmes and free books.