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Work Experience

The Academy is committed to providing meaningful experiences of the workplace for our students.

All Year 10 students will have the opportunity to participate in work experience. There are a range of models that we use in order to provide these experiences:

1) Employer-led projects: projects that are co-designed by employers, that students complete, and are assessed by employers. This would incorporate employer visits/tours, or shadowing. The project will have input from various business functions e.g., management, marketing, HR, finance, legal etc.

2) Employer Visits/Tours: visits to workplaces, typically for part of a day.

3) Industry Placement/Work Experience: traditional block placement in a business/with an employer. This could last between 2-5 days.

4) Shadowing: less intensive than an industry placement, as learners simply ‘shadow’ or follow a member of a business/an employer.

All of the above are wrapped around/supplemented by virtual placements/work experiences. We work closely with Speakers for Schools to provide this, as well as with other providers such as Forage, Springpod, and the NHS Talent Academy who have produced their own Lincolnshire-Health Care virtual experiences.

This academic year, the Priory Federation is using GroFar as the work experience platform.