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We understand that there will be occasions when you may need to self-isolate for a short period of time, and so home learning will be available throughout this module. Tasks for self-isolating students will be made available within the Home Learning area of SharePoint.   Subjects are providing a variety of tasks, including; online learning programmes; work books; lesson powerpoints and resources as used in class; and revision materials.  

The Home Learning page has an area for each year group.  Look for your year group and then select the subject you need to complete.  You should aim to complete the tasks for the subjects on your timetable each day. 

Please email your work to your usual teacher each week.  If you have completed your work on paper or in your exercise book you could either take a photograph and email this, or write a brief email to your teacher so that they know you will bring the work in when you return.  You can also email your teacher if you require help.  They won't be able to reply straight away as they may be teaching, but they will get back to you as quickly as possible.  A full list of teacher emails can be found on the Home Learning SharePoint page.

Please click the icon below to access the Home Learning page.

Home Learning SharePoint

To access SharePoint you will need to log into your school account.  If you cannot remember how to do this from home, please click the image below and read through the instructions.