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What do we want for our children?

  • For all students to experience a range of musical opportunities through listening, performing and composing.
  • To build confidence, social skills and discipline through a range of practical activities including performing as an individual and in group situations.
  • To gain an understanding of history and wider cultures and traditions through the study of music over time and across the world.
  • For students to feel safe and secure to make progress within a trusting and nurturing environment.
  • To provide students with a range of tasks that stretch and challenge their knowledge and ability, with a no fear approach.
  • For students to have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular clubs and performances, with the aim of developing social skills and confidence, whilst broadening their knowledge and ability of the subject.
  • To allow students to use skills and knowledge from other curriculum areas to support their understanding of music.
  • For all students to have the opportunity to access instrumental/vocal lessons, regardless of financial background or ability.
  • To broaden students’ numeracy and literacy skills through a variety of differentiated activities.
  • To be able to access further course to suit their academic abilities to lead to a rewarding future.

How is teaching and assessment fulfilling the intent?

  • Assessment is via a range of activities that gives a broader understanding of students’ ability in all areas of Music.
  • Students are taught to take a no fear approach with work, encouraging trial and error.
  • A theoretical and practical approach allows students to access a variety of disciplines within the subject.
  • Modelling allows students to learn visually as well as allowing students of all abilities to access challenging material.
  • Experimentation is encouraged for students to develop their own techniques and styles, as well as developing individual creativity.
  • Teaching is supportive and encouraging to help develop student’s confidence and resilience.
  • Schemes of work include aspects of cross curricular links and specifically draw on prior knowledge from other subject areas. This includes, Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Religious Education and Art.
  • Discounted instrumental lessons for PP students, allow disadvantaged students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument should they wish to.

Results and wider outcomes that our children achieve and the destinations they go to.

  • Students will feel inspired to access and make use of clubs and groups outside of the academy e.g. Dance schools, Youth Theatre, Youth Orchestra and choirs and Music ensembles etc.
  • Students will have the ability to access further/follow-up courses at local Sixth Forms /Colleges /Universities /Conservatoires /Apprenticeship providers.
  • Students will develop the confidence and resilience to challenge themselves and try new things and follow the paths they desire.
  • Students will have the knowledge and ability to access wider opportunities in the community.