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At Pembroke, our aim is to ensure that drama is both challenging and enjoyable for students of all key stages. From their very first lesson in year 7, our students will learn how to be confident, creative and collaborative learners who are able to communicate with peers and members of the Pembroke community.

The aim of the drama curriculum is to instil life-long skills such as confidence, teamwork and public speaking that will prepare them for their life long after they leave Pembroke, thus making them citizens of the world. The passion for cultural development and experiences has become fully embedded into the programme of study being offered here at Pembroke, allowing our learners to develop and challenge their morals and values.

The teaching of drama encompasses the study of a range of scripts, performance styles, influential theatre practitioners and genres.

It is imperative that our students understand the importance of being able to produce a piece of creative work as part of a collaborative team outside of their usual friendship groups thus developing their own personal resilience, speaking and listening skills, ability to develop performance skills and communication with others.

As a department, it is important to share a passion for drama, performance and the arts as a whole, so that each student can understand and fully recognise the importance of creativity in their wider learning and everyday life, both in and out of the classroom.