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The following links have been provided by the Specialist Teaching Team to support parents, carers and young people at home. Lots of support and advice for parents and young people.  Lots of great ideas on Amy’s website for children and young people with ASD needing physical/sensory breaks as well as a Power Up Schedule of putting breaks into the day.

Speaking Space Alex Kelly  The first website are some social stories – some specific to Speaking Space but also more generic ones.

Animated story on COViD  Animated story explaining about the virus and giving reassurance  Lots of visual aids and resources made with Widget ready to use. Many different ones such as visual charts for washing hands or different curriculum subjects and topics e.g. World Places; Time and Place. There is also a Live News link which is all explained using Communication in Print  This is like a kind of web-based ‘club’ which has social stories on a range of topics, workshops, newsletters, articles. Free to join but need to register.  Free access to lots of fun activities that support visual memor