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Meet our Head Boy & Head Girl

Pembroke Academy is delighted to introduce our Head Boy (Lachlan Madin) and Head Girl (Elle Barnes) to the student body this week. Both students are excellent year 11 role models and can't wait to lead the year 11 prefects in a number of exciting ventures. Both Lachlan and Elle are hard working, articulate, creative ambassadors of the school and will execute their duties with gusto. Lachlan states "I am a good leader and am able to work well in a team with people of any age and ability". He is a very approachable young man who enjoys the arts and hopes to persue a career in acting. Elle says "I wanted to be Head Girl because I am a good team player, naturally organised and always strive for the best". Elle enjoys art and is an active member of the Air Cadets, and this is the career path she intends to follow after Pembroke. We will keep you updated with the work they are doing here on the website and also on Facebook and Twitter.