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First Pledge Award

This week our first Bronze Pledge award was achieved by Lara Brown in year 8. She has successfully met the criteria needed to attain her Bronze Generosity Award and now proudly wears the bronze pin badge on her lapel.

The Pembroke Pledge Programme was launched this September and a large number of students are working towards their bronze awards in all five values. The pledges reward students for efforts made in and out of the classroom. Students contribute to charities, read for pleasure, attend clubs, play for sports teams, lead parts of lessons and much more. Their attitude to learning in the classroom and their subject points awarded for good work, also feeds into the pledges. This system allows all students to be rewarded and the students are loving the challenge in being creative in thinking of ways to attain them. 

We can't wait to reward more of our students with the lapel badges - and this will definitely happen during the next few weeks.