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National Writing Day

On Wednesday 27th June, Pembroke and our family Priory schools took part in 'The Big Write' alongside other schools in the country. It was a national event to celebrate the importance of writing. Mr Warnock our mathematical Assistant Headteacher, led an inspiring whole school assembly on 'why we write'. He even stated that students who excel in reading and writing perform better in GCSE Maths because of their ability to decode the written problems in the exam paper!

The whole school community took part in a 7 minute 'free write' session beginning with the line 'I feel most free when...' and we displayed these in the garden area for the students and staff to read and enjoy during lunchtime. It was a lovely experience to just 'write' about yourself alongside all the students and staff together. Some of the work has already been shared by Nicki Shore from 'First Story' on twitter - so check us out for more photographs and writing on there!