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A week in Normandy, France

This week a handful of students from Year 7 visited the Federation’s Centre des Etoiles in Normandy, France. We had a great week and this is what we did…

On Tuesday we visited Tony’s goat farm and learnt all about the goat’s body parts as well as how to check its teeth, how to brush it, how to check its stomach and how to milk it – all in French!! Then we went to Caumont L’Evente where we had a look at the hand-dug slate mines and watched a beautiful water show.

On Wednesday morning we took a short drive down the road and went to see the famous Bayeux Tapestry, Bayeux Cathedral and then we got to have a wander around Bayeux market and spend our euros! On the way back to the Centre we had a quick stop at the British war cemetery where all of the brave soldiers who fought in WWII were honoured. In the afternoon we had a visit to Juno Beach which was particularly special for one of our students as it is the Canadian landing beach. We all took a walk with the soldiers along Juno beach.

Thursday was a fun day for us all as we travelled to Cherbourg where we visited ‘La Cité de la Mer’. It is set right next to the sea and we toured a submarine, travelled to the bottom of the ocean and visited the Titanic!

Throughout the week we were treated by the Reddingtons (who run the Centre) as though we were their family. The meals were exquisite and the rooms were comfortable and we all thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

If we were going to summarise the trip in one word it would be ‘worthwhile’.

By Lara Brown and Katie Ingall.