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Pembroke Pirate Day

On Friday 17th November we invited 80 year 6 students from our local primary schools into Pembroke for an exciting day of thematic learning. The students came in fancy dress as it was also Children in Need.  After a welcome from Mr Evans and a few pirate jokes,they were put in 5 pirate teams. Each group then participated in some fun 'big school' lessons: observational skull chalk drawings in Art; creative wave writing in English; space pirate problem solving in Mathematics; experiments in Science (ink making to write treasure maps, cleaning treasure and also separating salt and sand from their pea and rice tea) and finally a pirate assault course in PE which involved walking the plank, avoiding the sharks and scrambling under nets with treasure which was timed to create some pirate competition.

A fantastic pirate feast was served at lunchtime by the Pembroke canteen staff and all the students who came had a fantastic day as did their visiting teachers. Year 11 prefects were an absolute asset throughout the day guiding the younger students through activities and around the site. Pirate day was a huge success and has the local community talking about Priory Pembroke Academy in a very exciting positive way (check out twitter and fb for more photo's). We can't wait for our next theme day when we invite year 5 into school. Watch this space!