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On Thursday 7th February, Pembroke held their first Harry Potter Book Night, which is held nationally on this date across the country. Keen Harry Potter fans in year 5 and 6 from local primary schools were invited to attend along with Pembroke year 7's. As young witches, wizards and muggles arrived, they were greeted by Pembroke Professors who sorted them into their houses. Teams in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were lead by staff and year 11 students round a range of innovative Harry Potter themed tasks. Beginning with a Hogwarts quiz in the Great Hall which really challenged their book wisdom. The next hour was then split into four different activities; potions in science with Professor Black, reading in the Reading Room with Professor Tralawney, Quidditch in the Sports Hall with Professor Selby and fantastic beast Niffler making with Harriet Potter the art teacher. The evening concluded with an array of prizes being awarded for our five Values and to the winning quiz team. It was a brilliant evening and Pembroke Professors will be hosting the event again next year!