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Wellbeing Morning Games

On Monday 28th January we had our termly wellbeing morning. This time the whole school engaged in the pure joy of a board/card game for an hour. It was really wonderful to just lose ourselves in a game for fun and have conversations with one another about things other than lesson topics. There was a huge array of games from Monopoly to Black Jack, and from ScribbleHead to Jumanji. Mr Evans was determined to teach Mr Lawson the fundamental concept behind 'Dobble', through which his competitive edge shone. Mr Newbold was busy balancing penguins with year 7, Miss Neal played 'Who? What? Where?' with year 7 which is a challenging drawing game. Mr Bibby was taught how to play the card game BlackJack by year 8 boys and Mr Dominy was last seen getting serious playing Trivia Pursuit with his year 10 form.

All in all it was a huge success, with many students wanting to do it again soon. Again this wellbeing activity provided talking, laughter, fun and a change to the daily routines, which is what wellbeing is all about!