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Boccia Triumph!

Nine students from Pembroke participated in a School Games Boccia competition this week against Skegness Grammar and Banovallum.

They had not played Boccia before and were introduced to the sport the day of the competition. Each player below represented Pembroke Academy incredibly well showing courage and curiosity throughout. With six teams involved in the event, Pembroke took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, therefore have qualified to compete at the School Games Boccia county final in January! The students were:


Cody Margetts

Sienna Taylor

Natalie Holmes

Kaitlynann Smith

Lewis Page

Stacey Greenwood

Thomas Bannon-Spink

Harvey Parr

Leon Smith


We also need to mention that this event could not have been held without the help from Lara Brown, Olivia Nicoll and Bethany Henderson as our Sports Leaders. They were superb and were congratulated by the other schools for doing such a great job! They did, however, lose a game against the staff to decide who packed away the equipment!!