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The Priory Federation of Academies Trust: Mission Statement

The Trust's mission is to improve the life chances of our pupils so they become true citizens of the world.

We therefore, believe that our academies and our pupils should develop our core values:




















The Pembroke Curriculum, An Entitlement for All.

At The Priory Pembroke Academy we believe our students are entitled to a curriculum that develops their academic, social and cultural capital. We are committed to delivering a curriculum that will enable all students to flourish, to achieve their career aspirations and have the knowledge and confidence they need to engage with the important conversations that guide the direction of our country and society.

The Pembroke Curriculum will develop:

  • Students imbued with curiosity for understanding the wider world;
  • Students who are generous of spirit in their dealings with others in their local, national and international communities;
  • Students who show wisdom in their life choices;
  • Students who are passionate about their future and their place in the world;
  • Students with the courage to follow their dreams and pursue life goals.

At Pembroke we do not view the curriculum as two discrete key stages, instead students join us in Year 7 on their five year journey to success. To enable this The Pembroke Curriculum places student learning at the heart of everything we do, ensuring they have a deep knowledge of the best that has been taught, said and done; whilst ensuring a coherent, broad and balanced range of subjects are studied. Staff within each subject are encouraged to engage with subject scholarship and educational research and collaborate with colleagues in different disciplines while designing this fire year curriculum. Through reflection and refinement, the subject curricula will continue to evolve to provide challenge, curiosity and passion.

The Pembroke Curriculum supports the Priory Federation 'Language for Learning' program. The thinking process includes reading for meaning, discussion, dialogue and debate as well as written outcomes, and by teaching each of these skills explicitly the Pembroke Curriculum enables students to maximise their learning and become confident, articulate and successful members of society.

At Pembroke we recognise that reading is crucial to accessing curriculum, for life chances, for social engagement and for self-esteem. Research has shown that reading for pleasure is more important for a young person's educational success than their socio-economic background, and the National Literacy Trust found that young people with the greatest love of reading have the highest levels of mental wellbeing. Therefore the development of reading skills and a passion for reading will be developed across all curriculum areas. All students in Years 7 and 8 will have a timetabled 'Reading' lesson each week in a collaborate with staff to develop reading in their subjects and provide opportunities for all students to engage with reading for pleasure.

To empower our students to live rich and meaningful lives, the Pembroke Curriculum encompasses opportunities outside the classroom environment to complement the tradition taught curriculum. The Pembroke Pledge Programme is a whole school rewards system which recognises the achievements of every student in all areas of the curriculum, and their lives in and out of the Academy. The Pledges encompass the five Priory values and allows our students to become well rounded individuals. They will leave Pembroke with the knowledge, skills and empathy to succeed and understand the world around them.

The Pembroke Curriculum engages fully with PHSMRE, Relationship and Sex Education, SMSC, Fundamental British Values and Careers within tutor time and across the curriculum. All students are provided with extensive opportunities to personally develop their understanding and actively engage in all areas. The wider curriculum is clearly signposted to Fundamental British Values and the Academy values. We develop student's understanding of right and wrong and of civil and criminal law, and provide opportunities for discussion about moral and ethnical issues through local, national and international current affairs. Students have opportunities to participate in community and social settings, for example volunteering as community readers in a retirement home, encouraging student's social development and their appreciation of those from different backgrounds.

The nature of the taught Pembroke Curriculum

In Years 7 and 8 all students will study English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Modern Language, Reading, Art, Music, Drama, Technology, ICT, PSHMRE and PE. Whilst the taught curriculum is based on the national curriculum, we retain some flexibility to enable subjects to design a coherent curriculum that enables students to develop a deep learning allowing their knowledge and understanding to build securely, leading to academic excellence. Students will be taught in mixed ability groupings, with expert support provided to those with special educational and addition needs.

In Year 9, English, Mathematics and Science will continue to develop key knowledge and skills and start to build knowledge vital for formal qualifications. Subject staff deciding the most appropriate groupings of students to enable them to succeed. The foundation curriculum will broaden further to allow all students to begin studying a wide range of subjects available for formal qualification, with students studying Media Studies, Sports Science, D&T Timber, Food & Nutrition and iMedia in addition to the subjects studied in Years 7 and 8. This broader curriculum, alongside a careers program, will allow students to make an informed choice as they finalise their own curriculum and specialist knowledge vital for formal qualifications. All students will study a humanities subject and will have the opportunity to complete the English Baccalaureate suite of qualifications (English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and a Modern Language).

Students in Years 10 and 11 will complete a core curriculum of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and combined Science, retaining breadth by studying their chosen curriculum of a humanities subject or modern foreign language, and foundation subjects. Students will also continue to study PSHMRE and a thorough careers program to prepare them for post-16 and allow them to become true citizens of the world.

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