Pembroke Press - July 2022

July 2022 Edition 13 New Sculpture Installation The butterfly image represents new life and free- dom. This aptly links to the responses of the stu- dents where they felt isolated, lonely and trapped during lockdown. Afterwards, they appreciated the little things in life and felt free again. The child is made from a metal which has rusted, contrasting nicely to the stainless steel shine of the ones that flutter overhead. Many students have worked on the butterfly de- signs and some had the opportunity to work with James himself to learn some of his metal tech- niques. James has kept us updated with its progress and last week he came to install it. Outside in the trees opposite the diner on the way to reception, you can now see this wonderful work of art in all its glory. Set against a leafy backdrop, the glimmer in the sun from the wings of the butterflies is quite a sight to behold and we hope all can relate to its meaning in some way. What do you think of when you see a butterfly flutter past you in the sunshine? We would like to thank James for his hard work on this as it has been a bespoke commission with most of it being hand-constructed over many months. You can also enjoy work by James and many other talented sculptors at The Doddington Hall Sculpture exhibition which starts on 16th July until Septem- ber. I will definitely be visiting! Miss C. Neal You may remember seeing photographs in the previous two editions of the newsletter this year showing the progress of our metal ‘Commemorating Lockdown’ themed sculpture. We were working with local sculptor James Sutton who designed the piece based on the words students associated during and after lockdown. He has created the form of a child from metal butterflies looking up into the sky and around the child are larger metal butterflies on wires. The overall effect is stunning and our students are very proud to have had this exciting oppor- tunity. James has had numerous commissions from Lincolnshire schools and his skills and practice are second to none.