Pembroke Press March 2023

March 2023 Edition 15 Taking On The Italian Slopes February half term saw the annual Trust Ski Trip to Italy run again. Leaving at noon on Saturday 11th by coach, we began our 27 hour journey of singing and sleeping to Bardonecchia. Upon arrival we met up with the other Trust schools to collect our ski equipment. Each morning, the students were woken at 6.30am ready for a 7am breakfast to set them up for a day of skiing. Their lessons started at 9am with professional ski instructors and most stu- dents picked up the technique well considering they had never skied before. The morning ski sessions were about – 3 degrees and the slopes were icy. The surrounding scenery was breathtaking against vivid blue skies everyday. The afternoons the temperatures were much milder at 12 degrees making the snow a little slushy and conditions more challenging. The students were taught how to snow plough and as they progressed they learned parallel turns. Hector and Ellodie were developing ski skills naturally and made for some quality video footage sent back to Pembroke HQ. Dur- ing the visit, Ava in Year 10 was our translator, who has been able to speak fluent Italian for some years. She was a real life - saver at times. After dinner in the evenings, the students had free time to ex- plore the local town and its shops and bistros. On the Thursday night, the Pembroke skiers went to a traditional Italian restau- rant which was a real cultural and social experience. The long journey home was a little apprehensive because of the strike action at the border, but luckily we weren ’ t delayed at all. For me, the trip is a really fun adventure. The students learn and develop resilience as skiing is quite tough on your legs when you are a novice. The students make new friends, try new foods and enjoy the experience of being away for home for a whole week. Yes it ’ s a long journey by coach, but that ’ s part of the whole trav- elling abroad experience as a school student. Miss Whelan