Pembroke Press December 2022

December 2022 Edition 14 Pembroke Pledge Programme “ Pupils work to meet the school’s ‘pledges’, designed to encourage participation in enriching activities. Many pu- pils wear achievement badges with pride. Some achieve the status of being a ‘knight of Pembroke’ – Ofsted Janu- ary 2022 The Priory Pembroke Academy is a values-driven school. Gener- osity, wisdom, curiosity, courage and passion are both visible and heard on a daily basis through the academy’s reward sys- tem. It is a reward system which doesn’t focus only on the aca- demic, but envelopes the cultural, creative and social capitals through the inclusivity of its Pledge Programme, which is held together with the Trust values. Every day, the students seek to be rewarded by displaying the values as a learning in the realms of the classroom. Showing resilience in their work #courage, helping a struggling peer #generosity, asking insightful questions #curiosity, recalling knowledge in an articulate answer #wisdom, and perhaps being the last one to pack away because they are so engrossed in the learning, #passion. With a stamp in their planner, they can keep track of their achievements and both staff and parents can see and share the success. We reward good work with stamps in their books as subject points. The students receive ‘ready’ stamps each morn- ing from their form tutor. Being ready is one of our school rules. Being punctual, in correct uniform and equipped for the day earns them this stamp. All these stamps feed into the bronze, silver and gold levels of the Pledge Programme and our house system. Students work hard to attain four of the six pieces of criteria for each of the Trust values. The Pledge Programme rewards our students for everything else they engage in. Being involved in societies and clubs outside of school such as gymnastics or scouts. Donating to charities, reading for pleasure, investigating aspects of their lo- cal environment or learning a new skill. We even built in activi- ties to improve student wellbeing, such as baking a cake for a neighbor, cooking tea for the family each week, helping with the household chores or spending time with an adults sharing their hobby. The pledge also brings together every aspect of school such as student attendance, ALT grades, value stamps, subject points and attending clubs. Absolutely every student at the academy has the opportunity to achieve at least one pledge award, if not more over their five years at Pembroke. When a pledge is signed off, the shiny lapel badge is awarded in our weekly assembly by Mr Evans, the Headteacher. When all fifteen badges are attained, the student is knighted by Mr Evans (with a real sword that the Ofsted in- spector loved) and they become a Knight of Pembroke with a rite of passage onto the Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) and a trip to London in the summer. Pledges are awarded every week (and have been for four years) across the year groups, and as a result we provide the opportu- nities for every student to leave Pembroke with improved life chances and as a successful citizen of the world because they emulate the values of the Trust. Miss C Neal